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Haw River State Park

Summit, North Carolina

          GFBA was engaged by the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation to design improvements at the park which would allow the removal of an old treatment plant that discharged directly to the Haw River. The replacement would be a 7,600 gallon per day septic system. Included in the new design were 12,000 gallon, precast concrete septic and pump tanks, five 88-gallon per minute pumps, and 3-inch force mains to a conventional pipe and gravel drain field system. In addition to eliminating the direct discharge to the river, the project will reduce electrical costs by 90% on peak days of the year. Further savings will be realized due to the ability of the park staff to operate the new system, eliminating the need for contract operators.

North Carolina State University Campus

Raleigh, North Carolina

Dan Allen Drive Milling and Resurfacing


        The project included design and project administration for asphalt milling and resurfacing of Dan Allen Drive between Hillsborough Street and Western Boulevard. Plans included traffic control. As part of the project, additional grading was included to restore the original super-elevation of the street cross-section just north of Rocky Branch to redirect runoff to existing curb inlets, thereby improving street drainage.

        GFBA provided following services to NC State University campus as well:

  • Facilities Operations Surveying

  • Golf Course Facilities Preliminary Study

  • Greenhouse Site Improvements

  • Brickyard Accessibility Study

  • Doak Field Repairs & Site Improvements

  • Jordan Hall Parking Additions 

NCSU Dan Allen Resurfacing (6)
NCSU Dan Allen Resurfacing (5)
NCSU Dan Allen Resurfacing (4)
NCSU Dan Allen Resurfacing (2)

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