Landscape Architecture

gf|ba offers Landscape Architectural services including Site Layout, Hardscape Design, Planting Plans, Master Plans, Permitting and Approval assistance, and Construction Administration.

We can help you:


  • Create outdoor spaces you can enjoy year round

We can help you create the perfect arrangement for your site to provide space for all the things you want to do outdoors. We design with nature, taking advantage of sunlight, shade, and wind patterns to provide comfort in every season.

  • Save Energy

The proper siting and orientation of your buildings and landscape can help keep your utility bills low!

  • Reduce your maintenance costs

We can select the best plantings and building materials so you can spend less time working on your property and more time enjoying it.

  • Beautify your site

From patios to plantings, terraces to trellises, fountains to fences, decks, walls, ponds, pools, and parterres, together we can explore the many options to create a beautiful place that's as unique as you are. 

  • Maximize your property value

Our expert site analysis can help you accentuate your property's best attributes and minimize its weaknesses.

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