Crabtree Creek Greenway

Raleigh, North Carolina

      GFBA has designed two significant sections of the Raleigh Greenway Trail system. Located along Crabtree Creek, one section extends from Anderson Drive to Lassiter Mill Road while the other section extends from North Hills Drive to Edwards Mill Road. The first section traversed a primarily wooded residential area and included two bridges over Crabtree Creek and one over a small tributary. The second section of greenway was designed in accordance with NCDOT Bikeway Standards and included one major bridge crossing Crabtree Creek in the vicinity of Glenwood Avenue at Crabtree Valley Mall. Being located in a highly developed commercial area, the trail required the use of retaining walls on the up-hill and downhill sides for extended reaches, and included lighting. These accessible trails have proved to be popular with pedestrians, bicyclists, and runners.

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