Civil Engineering

gf|ba provides a full spectrum of civil engineering design and inspection services to make sure your site operates smoothly.


  • Reduce Your Construction Risk

Our professional experience helps you eliminate uncertainties from the development process. Familiarity with the requirements of regulatory entities throughout the region helps us streamline the approval and permitting procedures, keeping your project on schedule and in budget.

  • Increase Safety and Efficiency

Well designed transportation and circulation systems are safe and easy to navigate. They provide clear lines of site and good signage, along with adequate space for maneuvering, and they avoid conflicts between people and automobiles.

  • Ensure Quality Construction

Our Construction Administration services ensure that your project is completed just as you intended. We can also help you solicit and compare bids and select contractors to get the best value for your money.

  • Prevent Damage From the Elements

Take confidence in our design expertise in grading, sedimentation and erosion control, and stormwater systems and treatment, knowing your site will remain solid and accessible whatever the weather. 

  • Provide Essential Utility Services

We create optimized water, reclaimed water, and wastewater system designs to handle the demands of your unique project


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